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Fall into Arts and Culture at PACE

Fall usually means school supply shopping, carting out your winter wardrobe, and getting back to a schedule. PACE Center too is getting back on schedule by offering a variety of classes for all ages after school, evenings and weekends. We hope you find something exciting and join us this fall. Hurry, classes start soon!

Bring the Whole Family

Sept. 13
Bee Basics for Beginners
Class 4180

Oct. 16
Bat Encounters
Class 4185

Nov. 15
Butterfly Pavilion – Bugmobile
Class 4190

Adults Only

Sept. 5
Couples dance:
West Coast Swing (Class 4751)
Country Western Dance (Class 4753)

Sept. 13
Saturday Shindigs!
Class 4781

Sept. 16
Printing an Image from Linoleum
Class 4350

Sept. 19
Understanding Color
Class 4320

Sept. 24
Traveling Solo
Class 4550

Sept. 26
Palette Up Still Life Elephant
Class 4301

Sept. 30
Beaded Jewelry
Class 4360

Teens Wanted

Sept. 6
Animal Portraits
Class 4224

Sept. 20
Still Life Drawing
Class 4340

Oct. 4
Art Intensive
Class 4375

Oct. 5
Teen Swing
Class 4780

Oct. 6
Music Composition
Class 4601

Oct. 7
Auditions – Classic Acts’ The Lone Stranger and Pronto:
A Melodrama / 5 p.m. @ Mainstreet Center

Kids Welcome

Sept. 10
Fun With Shapes – Animals
Class 4229

Sept. 13
Canvas & Cookies – Cheetah
Class 4215

Sept. 20
Interstellar Adventure
Class 4100

Sept. 27
Learn Computer Programming in Minecraft
Class 4130

Oct. 1
Private Piano Lessons
Class 4630

Oct. 7
KidzArt: Imagine!
Costume Parade
Class 4202

Nov. 3
Auditions – Missoula’s Aladdin
4:30 p.m. @ Mainstreet Center

Visit to see class details and register today!


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