Best of the Best Restaurants of Parker 2009

best of the best of Parker Colorado Restaurants

Once again our favorite local newspaper The Parker Chronicle has awarded local businesses with the coveted
“BEST of the BEST” in Parker

  • Best Bakery in Parker: Panera Bread. This is one of my very favorites spots to work with their free wifi and this summer I’ve been addicted to the strawberry Salad.. YUM. Panera Bread.
  • Best Barbecue Restaurant in Parker: Hickory House Ribs. Hickory House is located in the Old Parker Steak  House location but with a BUNCh of improvements.  They have great specials and coupons too.  Hickory House
  • Best Breakfast Spot in Parker: The Egg and I. Another Parker favorite, I especially enjoy their sunny patio on Mainstreet just west of the Library. The Egg and I.
  • Best Café/Coffee House in Parker: Starbucks. Not surprising, although I’d have to put a plug in for the non-chains as well, but the Starbucks stores in Parker are outstanding. There are now 3 free standing locations Parker & Lincoln, 20 Mile Shopping Center & Lincoln & Jordan along with the Safeway and Target locations. You can get free wifi for 2 hours a day with a registered card. Follow them @starbucks on twitter 2 ask questions and enter their contests.
  • Best Chinese Restaurant in Parker:  Mark Pi’s Wok and Grill. My daughters really enjoy their sushi Mark Pi’s
  • Best Happy Hour in Parker: Tailgate Tavern. The Tailgate Tavern is under new ownership and Steve and Marina seem to just love their new home on mainstreet in downtown Parker. They also won for best kareoke. Tailgate Tavern
  • Best Ice Cream Parlor in Parker: Coldstone Creamery. Always fun to create your own custom flavors Coldstone .
  • Best Italian Restaurant in Parker: Johnny Carino’s. They have a great lunch and dinner specials and a super waitstaff Johnny Carino’s.
  • Best Margarita in Parker:  Salt Grass Steak House. Sadly I’ve not tried a margarita at Salt Grass, I guess I will put that on my list of  To Do’s in Parker! Saltgrass Steak House
  • Best Mexican Restaurant in Parker:  Las Delicias. Las Delicias has been a two staple for over 20 years and continues to be a favorite  Las Delicias.
  • Best Pizzeria in Parker:  Pudge Bros. I have never been to Pudge Bros for a pizza either, another one for the list   Pudge Bros Pizza.
  • Best Sandwich Shop in Parker: Subway.I think it’s great that subway continues to provide affordable food that on the lean side  Subway .
  • Best Seafood Restaurant in Parker: Joe’s Crab Shack. Joe’s Crab Shack is just alot of fun and did you know they also have Kareoke there? Check it out  Joe’s Crab Shack
  • Best Steak House in Parker: Texas Roadhouse. Texas Roadhouse is located in the Walmart parking lot and has great specials for families Texas Roadhouse.

Click here to see the whole list on the Parker Chronicle Site.

What are some of your favorites that aren’t listed here? Agree or Disagree?

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  1. dina says

    i agree with father goose!!! these are almost all chains and not very good ones at that, did the chains pay you to write this? PUDGE BROTHERS PIZZA ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? the people who voted (where there votes?) has never had a good slice of pizza that is obvious particularly when you have Lil Riccis and Anthony's in town. both as close to NY pizza as I can get here in colorado. Parker is full of good family owned restaurants this list is horrible.

    • Ask Chrissy says

      I know.. right? Why all these chains??? I love Lil Ricci's too Pizza's and Calzones and their awesome deck. I still haven't tried Anthony's but it's on my list. I didn't write it.. it was voted on my the newspaper readers. I am going to try to keep up with this contest next year and if anyone see's it.. let me know.. I'll make sure that EVERYONE knows and votes! If there were really no choice other than chain restaurants I could see it.. but especially in Pizza.. we have quite a few choices.

  2. Julie Bonner says

    Great post! I love Best of the Best lists. And I love Subway Steve! Have you had a bad experience there? The last time I went to one it was clean, had great sandwich choices and the staff was incredibly nice.

  3. says

    No way! I disagree with most if not all of these. I don't have time to comment fully but will be back. SUBWAY????REALLY????? If subway makes a list of best of the best it's a total QUACK contest.

  4. Fathergoose says

    While I did not know that Parker had a “best of” when I did learn about it, here at, I was very surprised that on the list over half the places listed are not local but rather chains. How can a Starbucks beat out a local coffee house such as Kunjani Coffea, or that cute and cozy coffee house on Main Street? How can Joe’s Crab Shack be the best of anything? Their food is awful, SAY IT AIN”T SO JOE! Panera Bread best bakery? There is an authentic French bakery in the Stonegate shopping center. Other total surprises: Johnny Carino’s, Texas Roadhouse, Subway, Salt Grass Steak House (best Margarita from a Landry’s owned restaurant?). It’s my fault for not knowing and not voting. Hopefully next year I will be a better citizen.

    • says

      I agree with you on on a few of those.. best Free Wifi Panera Bread wins but bakery? There are about 5 local one's that I would have voted for myself. Starbucks however IS my favorite coffee shop and I guess the thing there is that they are locally operated so your friends and family are serving you. plus Kunjani is cute but so SLOW! I've waited for 15 minutes and been the only one in there before.. not happy! I guess the rules don't say locally owned for best of the best and those are the one's that got voted for. I didn't vote either and next year I'll try to find out when the vote is and get the word out! I haven't had the margs yet so I'm still "not voting" on that. (I'll let you know what I think!)

  5. shawncampbell says

    I'll have to read the rest of the article in the Chronicle. Here are a few of my favorites:

    Best Chinese Restaurant: Cherry Village (all Asian cuisines, not just Chinese; fast delivery, great dine-in service)

    Best Italian Restaurant: Armando's (the food, service, and atmosphere are fantastic; ask the owner to tell you about Long Island;

    Best Pizzeria: Tonti's (THE BEST!

    • says

      I've not been to Tonti's. I need to check that out! I agree about Armondo's… loved the Opera Singing Chef on Mother's Day… If I'd had a bit more red wine I probably would have started singing with him.