BEST of the BEST Restaurants in Parker Rewind

Which restaurants are your favorites in Parker Colorado?

OK.. so lots of the readers of this site totally disagreed with the best of the best from the Parker Chronicle that I posted a few weeks ago.. so lets see what you all have to say.. Copy and paste the list of categories into your comment and we’ll tally and see what we get! If you want to say WHY and WHAT you love about your favorite.. feel free!

  • Best Bakery in Parker: (they said Panera) I say:
  • Best Barbecue Restaurant in Parker: (Hickory House Ribs) I say
  • Best Breakfast Spot in Parker: The Egg and I. I  say
  • Best Café/Coffee House in Parker: Starbucks. I say
  • Best Chinese Restaurant in Parker: Mark Pi’s Wok and Grill. I say
  • Best Happy Hour in Parker: Tailgate Tavern. I say
  • Best Bar:
  • Best Ice Cream Parlor in Parker: Coldstone Creamery. I say
  • Best Italian Restaurant in Parker: Johnny Carino’s. I say
  • Best Lunch Spot in Parker: Otto’s American Grill.  I say
  • Best Margarita in Parker: Salt Grass Steak House. I say
  • Best Mexican Restaurant in Parker: Las Delicias. I say
  • Best Pizzeria in Parker: Pudge Bros. I say
  • Best Sandwich Shop in Parker: Subway.I say
  • Best Seafood Restaurant in Parker: Joe’s Crab Shack. I say
  • Best Steak House in Parker: Texas Roadhouse.I say
  • Best Asian Food:
  • Best Delivery Restaurant:
  • Best Patio:
  • Best Liquor Store:
  • Best Singles Spot:
  • Best Sports Bar: aka best spot to watch the games:
  • Best Fast Food:

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